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The Theta Wave Podcast:

Interesting AF Conversations with Interesting AF People

High level performers in business and sports alike tend to be on a different wavelength.  The theta waves are brain waves that are at a frequency of about 4-6hz and are typically associated with lucid dreams and deep meditation.  Every once and a while people can achieve this frequency of brain wave while they are full awake in a state known as the flow state. Whilst in the flow state, a person experiences high levels of clarity and creativity while effortlessly completing seemingly difficult tasks.  The object of this podcast is to get a better understanding of how the guests, in many different fields, have used their experiences to shift paradigms, stretch the realm of possibility and take advantage of the flow state more than your average human.  Welcome to the flow state.

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Sean Pastuch: Active Life RX

"The amount of 'comfort' that you will have in your life is directly correlated to how much discomfort and uncertainty you can endure."



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I have worked with Teambuildr online programming for 5 years now and I can tell you - it's a game changer.  They offer the most of any athlete management system at the lowest price because James and Hewitt were both athletes themselves and saw the need for this product first hand.  They want every coach to have the ease of using an online management system vs. an Excel sheet to enter programming, retrieve data and make simple visuals for administration and athletes alike.

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