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Updated Sept 1, 2020: The worst possible thing that could happen is that I could look back at my life and say that the only thing I did for the world was to make a few athletes stronger in the gym or better at hitting a baseball.  By trade I'm a hitting coach, but in reality, I'm a student, athlete, minimalist, feminist and nomad.  Those are things that I resonated with long before my career and will be with me long after my career in sports is over.


Everyone has different methods of growth, but my drinks of choice are traveling and training.  More specifically, I've lived in 15 cities in the past 12 years, I visited 9 countries in the past year and I just moved to Tampa to start a new job with the Yankees as a minor league hitting coach. My training has ranged from being a college softball player, to a wannabe beach volleyball player to now exploring more organic strength with the Ido Portal method and Crossfit. 

One of my main passions is teaching and the biggest outlet for me at the moment is being a minor league hitting coach for the New York Yankees.  I have worked for 3 different professional baseball organizations in the past 7 years as a strength and conditioning coach including the Houston Astros, St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Whitesox. I am the first woman to have worked as a full time strength and conditioning coach and also as a full time hitting coach in professional baseball.  Before baseball I worked at LSU, ASU, and EXOS.  I also had the pleasure of working with the Dutch national baseball and softball teams last year in Amsterdam while I completed my second master's degree. Most recently, I worked at Driveline baseball while completing my research in eye tracking for hitters. 

Also keep an eye out for my first ever women's retreat called FEM (Female Executive Mentorships). Jen Widerstrom and I have started to provide professional female mentorship for up and coming women in every industry. There will be curriculum from 6 speakers including Jen and I, mentor led activities, mentor one on one's and some fun outdoors action in Montana. Bring an open heart and mind and be prepared to learn from some absolute badass women that have been there and done that! Attendance is by application only and we will be opening applications in the fall of 2020. Email me for details. 


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