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Hey guys, it's Rachel! I have spent the last 12 years crafting an unprecedented career as a woman in a male dominated industry. I've traveled the globe, met incredible high level thinkers and developed relationships with several key mentors that have proven to be life altering. 


Most importantly, I have been through a lot. I've been discriminated against, felt lonely, gone through bouts of depression, doubted myself and navigated identity loss as an athlete and a coach. I have been broke more times than I care to think about and terrified that what I was going through wasn't going to pay off. Through these mistakes and challenges, I have learned how to pull myself up from rock bottom, come out stronger on the other side and even use those times to my advantage.


When I'm not working as a hitting coach for the New York Yankees, my time is spent mentoring others. This is my chance to empower someone else who has struggled to feel and act like the champion and change maker that they truly are. 


This Mentorship is For You If: 
1. You feel that you have unique experiences that no one else understands.
2. You notice that you work harder than just about everyone you know.
3. You don’t have time for TV. Too busy taking over the world.
4. You feel compelled to share your passion and experiences with others. 
5. You don’t always know how to use these unique experiences and gifts to catapult your career into the stratosphere and change the world.
6. You are a Fucking Unicorn and You Need a Detailed Step by Step Process to Translate that into a Thriving Career and Expansive Lifestyle.


Through This Mentorship You Will: 
1. Eliminate Self Limiting Beliefs Through Habit Building Exercises
2. Deep Dive into your Background to Understand What has Shaped You Through Sessions with Rachel and Thought Provoking Self Reflection Exercises
3. Learn How to Communicate Your Unique Story to Others to Lift them Up.
4. Transform Your Life and the Lives of Others Through Creating a Detailed Action Plan for Your Career, Relationships and Health




Audit: Complete a Guided 10 Step Process of Self Reflection on Current Relationships, Health Habits, Career Choices and Communication Styles that Could Be Holding You Back. This is a time of intense reflection and observing your current thoughts, actions and words to elevate your self awareness.


Plan: Set Goals that are Worth Going After. Learn Proven Networking Techniques to Set Yourself Up for Success and Master the Art of Presenting Your Best Self to Employers, Colleagues, Your Team and Your Family.

Action: Get a Detailed Road Map of How to Get on Your Way to Achieving Your Goals through Daily, Weekly and Monthly Action Plans to Execute.


The Nuts and Bolts: 

6 Questionnaires / Thought Exercises to Get to Know Yourself so You can Get to Know Your Future. 
Once Weekly Video Calls to Discuss these Exercises with Rachel
Daily Direct Access to Rachel through Messaging

$450 Total for the Mentorship which includes my course for young professionals: The Virtual Handshake Academy ($129 Value) for free.
Optional One on One Video Calls Post Mentorship for $100




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