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Get confident

"I reached out to Rachel during a time when I felt stuck in my career.. Her mentorship is not only resume & cover letter building but also advice on health, relationships and confidence. I wouldn't be where I am currently in life if I hadn't completed her mentorship!"

Jordan, Master's Student, Pitching Coach

Mentorship Options

Save Time, Get Confidence, Land Your Dream Job.

Get clear on the direction of your career 

and life, save time laboring over cold networking

emails, be 100% certain that your materials

 are getting the attention they deserve, get more

money in contract negotiations and land the job

of your dreams.


The Virtual Handshake Academy

Get one of a kind advice on how

 to gain career confidence, bulletproof your

resume and cover letter and 

land your dream job.

This is NOT yo mama's resume course.


 Individual Mentorships are Currently Closed Because I'm Busy

on the Baseball Field!

Please Apply to Be Considered for Fall of 2021

If you need help and guidance NOW:

My mentorship program is largely based around the Virtual Handshake Academy, the online course I have listed above. That is a great place to start! If you complete the course, feel free to send my your materials and specific questions, and I'll be glad to give feedback.

 Month Long 1 on 1 Intensive Mentorship

For Working Professionals, Open to Students

Click Below to Get the Details and 

to be Considered for 10/2021.

4 Zoom Calls & my Mini Course, 

The VHA included for Free.

Payment Plans Available


Young Professionals Abbreviated Mentorship

*For Students Only*

This mentorship is a shorter version of the

month long intensive mentorship listed above.

Focused on professional materials and networking.

2 Zoom Calls & my Mini Course, 

The VHA included for Free.

Payment Plans Available


About Rachel

Rachel is a minor league hitting coach for the New York Yankees and has worked in professional baseball for 7 years. She is the first woman to be a full time strength and conditioning coach and also the first woman to be a full time hitting coach in the history of professional baseball. She is a highly sought after speaker and mentor. Click below to learn more about her career as well as her mentorship and coaching opportunities. 

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This mentorship program went way beyond the expectations. Rachel is easy to talk to and genuinely cares, she helped me dive deep into answering the tough question of what I want out of not only my professional career but my personal life as well.

Katie / Head Strength & Conditioning Coach / Grad Student

Over my time with Rachel my confidence grew not only in my resume and cover letter but in my ability to communicate who I am and what my passion is. I discovered parts of my story I had never been able to articulate. I highly recommend this mentorship to anyone wanting to learn how to communicate their passion to future employers.

Madison / Sport Psychology Student / Student Athlete