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The Virtual Handshake Academy

Get the Tools You Need To Feel Confident About Sending Out Your Professional Materials to Future Employers.

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Professional Contacts

Ever wondered how to reach out to someone in the field in a professional manner?  This can be an effective way to get connected and be the person they think of in the event that a job comes open.  Learn how to craft professional emails and how to increase your ability to get a job in the future with that company.


The heart of the matter.  Want to learn more about what to include in your resume and how to format it?  Should you include references?  A personal objective?  Your Eagle Scout experience?  Find these answers and more.  The resume can make a great virtual impression if done correctly. 

Cover Letter

This is the single most misunderstood concept by young professionals.  The cover letter doesn't have to be just a formality in which you restate your resume in paragraph form.  Learn how to create authentic, meaningful cover letters that will stand out amongst the rest and put your best virtual foot forward.

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