How you define risk depends on what you value in life.  Being uncomfortable can be considered a risk if you only value certainty. Or- having certainty can be the high risk activity if you value massive growth.

"Coach Rachel's presentation really proved to me and my fellow female athletes that one's gender should not deter them from what they want to do.  She taught me that I should go after my goals without any inhibitions or restrictions because of my gender.  She was so inspiring!"


- Female Student Athlete, North Broward Prep

"Rachel came to my classroom this fall and did an excellent job with the students.  She brought passion and enthusiasm to the classroom and taught them how to build a top of the line resume and portfolio to make them an undeniable candidate for any job.  She was excellent."


- Dr. Sue Graves, Professor at Florida Atlantic University

"Having Rachel Balkovec was an opportunity that we were lucky to have.  She taught us to step out of our comfort zone, take the next step to be the best us and never let our gender be the determinant of who we are and what we want to do.  She really opened our eyes to what is possible."


- Student Athlete, UT Tyler Women's Soccer

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