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Get. High.

You know what’s downright incredible. ‘Some guy’ made MILLIONS of dollars picking up peoples’ junk from their houses. Yep. That’s right, he even dropped out of college because that endeavor became so lucrative. His name is Brian Scudamore. (Read his story here: Click on the link and find out why he was so passionate about turning around the business of trash removal. He changed the industry and loved doing it.

I commend you Brian. You’re in the flow.

I LOVE PUBLICLY EMPOWERING PEOPLE. I FEEL LIKE I’M HIGH WHEN I'M DOING IT. – You know what’s funny? Public speaking makes my older sister feel like she wants to jump off of a cliff! That is hilarious. But it’s also incredibly, deeply interesting. It got me thinking….WHAT IF EVERYONE COULD BE HIGH LIKE I AM?!?! IS THAT POSSIBLE??? – The answer is, yes.

While just the thought of public speaking makes my sister's skin crawl, she does have her own special drug (Fundraising for good causes, yes, she is a unicorn). And you have that drug too. What do you love to do? Not like, I love to sit on my couch with my dog and drink a glass of wine. I mean what do you do that invariably leaves you with a HUGE, RIDICULOUS smile on your face? What do you do that makes other people giggle at you because you make them uncomfortable with your child-like jubilation. WHAT PUTS YOU IN A STATE OF EUPHORIA?

Everyone has it. That one thing that you’ve thought…if I can get paid to do this, I would quit my job, buy a ticket and never look back. I would do it. So the question is, what’s stopping you?

The answer is FEAR.

There’s nothing else stopping you. Not money, not time, not your family, not your location. Nothing. I’ll tell you why. It’s because you love it. If you love it, the work comes easy. You look forward to doing it. If you look forward to doing it, you’ll be more productive when you’re doing it. –And, after you complete the task, you’ll look back at it over and over and over again to marvel at what you did. –And then, you’ll observe your craft and you’ll think of ways that you can do it better next time. –And then, YOU’LL DO IT BETTER. And better. And better. And then someone wants you do it for them. And they want to pay you. And you quit your job. And this becomes your job. Do you see where this is going?

Sooooo many people go through their life doing things they hate to collect a paycheck. That seems like an awful way to go about things. I would rather laugh hysterically, smile uncontrollably, be around people I can vibe with and truly, truly have a positive effect on the people that I’m around.

That’s why I want to reach out to young women about ‘being all that they can be.’ Because it moves me. It’s my flow.

I’m high,


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