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Their eyes were burning holes in the back of my head while I confidently coached two of our players through the foundational technique of a front squat. I often get questioned about the Latin players and how they receive me being a woman in their setting. Not only are they teenaged boys, but they are also heralding from 4-5 countries in which women seldom hold positions of power. They don’t even have college athletics meaning that the concept of female athletes in general is foreign to say the least. While the players that I am working with directly in our organization have grown accustomed to my presence very quickly, players from other organizations often shoot curious looks my way when

5'9, 176lbs, Size 12

No she didn't. Did she just...? Yup. That's my height, weight AND pant size. Big boned, fat, big, athletic, chubby, husky, thick, strong, healthy....there are so many ways (good and bad) to describe my body type and I've been call all of them. After many years of letting those labels beat me up and make me feel less worthy, turns out, I actually would prefer NOT to look like Lindsey Lohan fresh out of rehab, thank you very much! I just wanted to clear the air and get it out there, I DO NOT CARE about the number, and neither should you. Not because I'm not human or because I'm sooo confident and nothing ever makes me insecure....but, because, I HAD to let that go a loooong time ago. I ha

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