The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys 9 Things That Even Baseball Fans Don’t Know About Professional Baseball. (One for each inning, plus some free baseball blogging at the end in extra innings) As with many of my works of art sometimes referred to as blogs, I have to put a disclaimer on this piece. I love professional baseball. I think it’s an indescribable journey and a remarkable opportunity for these young men. Nothing can replace the cities they visit, cultures they experience and the relationships they build over the course of their playing years. Baseball gives them an opportunity to expand their horizons that they wouldn’t have otherwise. Having said that, there are also some major sacrifices they make

Sorry I'm Not Sorry

Biebs - Is it too late to say I’m NOT sorry??? About a month ago, I shared my views on choosing a different failure response in my own life (See: "The F-Word" below) – But, what about my response to other peoples’ failures? Working in baseball, I am around young men who are typically failing 70-80% of the time. What kind of coach am I if I encourage bad responses to failure? This is how it usually goes: Friend/Husband/Co-Worker: “Omgosh, I have the worst life ever!” You: “Omgosh, you DO have the worst life ever! I’m so sorry!” Son/Wife/Sister: “It’s okay, but thanks for being so supportive and realizing I have the worst life ever!” Listen carefully. Friends, family and strangers alike, I

Do You Work Hard?

“I work hard.” is the most overused phrase in the history of mankind. I received hundreds of resumes last year and every. single. one. said that they were a hard worker in some form or fashion. Stop saying you work hard and start letting your actions do the talking. If you polled every single athlete in the history of athletes, asking: “Why do you deserve to make it to the pinnacle of your sport?” Inevitably, 99.9% would tell you, “Because I work hard.” This applies to the workforce as well. There are 7.4 billion people in the world. So, there are about 7.3 billion hard workers out there. If everyone thinks they work hard, who actually works hard and what does that look like? If you hav

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