Being In the Right Place ALL THE TIME.

The fastest way from point A to point B is NOT always a straight line. I have been bombarded with emails, calls, etc over the past year from people inquiring how I got to where I am, what I've been doing before being given this opportunity and how it happened so early on in my career. Being in the right place at the right time doesn't exist. I set myself up for success through many different experiences and here's one of the ingredients to the magic formula: I'm willing to move wherever and whenever I need to in order to set myself up to get the opportunity that I truly want. In the past 8 years since moving away from Omaha, I've made 8 major moves (lvining in a city for 3 months or more)

Achieving Asexuality

"Do the players hit on you?" There is one burning question that everyone wants to ask me about being the only female amongst 200 men on a daily basis. When someone finally gets the courage to ask me the question, it is invariably the same one. I'd love to tell you some dramatic story about how I had to work so hard to gain the players' respect and that there were many long nights of sobbing and carrying on (Insert sad music here). Unfotunately for the purposes of making this blog exciting....there was none of that. Not a single cat call or inappropriate look came in my direction. How did I do it you ask??? "Did she have a security guard follow her around? ...Or did the organization thr

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