TRX Suspension Trainer

Recommended For: The Road Warrior

Summary: Train anywhere and everywhere!  In hotel, at a park, at the beach.  This is my go to for full body workouts when I'm traveling - which is all the time.  #gypsy4life

Nike Romaleos

Recommended For: The Semi Serious Weightlifter


Summary: My favorite weightlifting shoe.  If you aren't squatting your body weight, don't worry about it.  Master the basics first.  However, if you are getting after it day in and day out and using the Olympic lifts on a regular basis, these are for you. 

Teambuildr Online Programming Platform

Recommended For: Coaches

Summary: This is my favorite way to create programs for my athletes hands down.  They have an incredibly user friendly (aka dummy proof) system that is easy for the athletes to use and great for coaches to track them.  Plus, their prices are unbeatable. 

Onnit Steel Mace

Summary: A kettlebell on steroids.  I throw it in my trunk and pair it with the TRX for a total body outdoor workout.

Onnit Muscle Tank

Summary: I sleep in it, I train it it, I go out to the bar in it.  Okay, not the last one, but basically I have three of these and I love them.  Makes an excellent 'Sleeveless Sunday' outfit.

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